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Response times are currently around 1 - 2 working days.

Most Common Questions

Your voucher should provide you with specific instructions.

If not, go to and select BOOK MY VOUCHER. Select your voucher brand and enter all requested details exactly as they appear including any symbols.

Once registered you will be able to book your selected experience (subject to availability).

If you are unable to find a date for your experience you can add yourself to a waiting list and you will receive notification via email once we release further availability.

Please note that all bookings must be made online.

Should you encounter any issue, please complete an online enquiry form via

Our experiences are extremely popular and are often booked many months in advance.

Our Operations Team regularly review demand and we add additional dates on a regular basis.

If you are unable to find a date for your experience you can add yourself to a waiting list and you will receive notification via email once we release further availability.

The availability displayed on our website is live and up-to-date, eliminating the need for you to contact us directly. You can view the current availability directly on both our website and via the booking portal.

Here is a screenshot of what you will see when you subscribe to a waiting list.

Please visit and login with your email address and password.

You will find your voucher under ‘Manage My Vouchers’ where you can select the Rebook Option.

If you are unable to find a date for your experience you can add yourself to a waiting list and you will receive notification via email once we release further availability.

To extend your voucher, kindly access your account at Once logged in, please select the specific voucher you wish to extend and click on the 'extend' option. It is important to note that we are unable to grant extensions for vouchers that have surpassed six months past their expiry date.

Changes to a confirmed booking can only be made via the online booking portal and require a minimum of seven days' notice before the flight date, except where 'flexible cancellation' was opted for.

You can only change your date by logging into under your Account Dashboard.

Please ensure you are using the email address you booked with originally, if you do not remember your password, please click on the "forgotten password" link and you will be able to reset this and create a new password instantly.

Click the Yellow Button to Change a Date

Click the Red Button to be removed from a Date for now

You are only able to change the names of the participants after a booking has made by logging back into and clicking on Manage My Vouchers.

You then just need to update the participant details on the account to reflect the name you wish to change.

We show all options on our booking site, therefore any payments you are seeing are for optional upgrades.

You may be offered an alternate experience with applicable upgrade depending on availability level of your initial chosen experience.

Our Operations Team regularly review supply and demand and will add additional dates to our flying schedule when required. You will have the opportunity to subscribe to a waiting list and you will receive notification of new availability via email.

We are unable to refund the cost of any flight upgrade paid directly to Adventure 001 (extra distance, front seat, alternate experience) following an event postponement. However, in the event of three postponements we will release an upgrade for refund.

Initial validity period of a voucher can be reviewed upon request subject to flight availability.

Before sending your request, you must refer back to the terms of your voucher - most are non-refundable.

Please contact the company you purchased the voucher from.

If you purchased your voucher directly from Adventure 001, we can only offer a refund if your flight has been postponed a minimum of three times. In which case please submit your request using our online enquiry form (

All flights are subject to weather, aircraft serviceability and operational factors and are subject to the possibility of short notice cancellation.

As the weather is ever changing, the pilot will not make a decision until approximately 6pm the evening before your flight. Please do follow the weather check process on your boarding pass and refer to your 'Live Feed' via Online Check In (A specific link will be sent a few days prior to your flight). You can also find additional information on the day of your flight via our departure board at

It is important to note that things can change at the last minute and whilst we try our best to predict the weather, reports are not always accurate.

We will contact you via email and your "Live Feed' should we need to postpone your experience.

The Lead Passenger (only) will be required to produce photographic ID and a Utility Bill upon request (anti fraud measures).

Please note, All Adult Passengers and Children (where possible) will be required to produce valid photographic ID (Passport or Driving Licence) when flying from the following venues: Newcastle International Airport, Teeside Airport, Southend Airport. For those under 18, a Birth Certificate will be permissible.

Flying activities have maximum weights (per seat) to ensure health and safety along with the comfort of fellow passengers.

You must enter passenger/participant weight at the time of booking an experience. If weight varies between the time of initial booking and date of flight experience it remains the responsibility of the customer to update their individual weight via their online account prior to flight.

All passengers will be weighed before flight and if disparity exists between weight disclosed and actual weight (within reason), the passenger may be illegible to fly.

Aeroplane Flying Lessons (2 Seater Aircraft) – Max 15 Stone (95kg)

Aeroplane Flying Lessons (4 Seater Aircraft) – Max 18 Stone (114kg)

Helicopter Flying Lessons (4 Seater Aircraft) - Max 15 Stone (95kg)

Pleasure Flights (Helicopter) –
Group size of One – Max 15 Stone (95kg)
Group size of Two – Max 30 Stone (190kg)
Group size of Three – Max 43 Stone (273kg)
Group size of Four – Max 56 Stone (355kg)
Group size of Five – Max 63 Stone (400kg)
Group size of Six - Max 75 Stone (475kg)

Please note that the maximum weight limit for the Co Pilot Seat on a helicopter pleasure flight varies depending on aircraft and other operational considerations but will not exceed 95kg.

If as a party of one you weigh in excess of 15 stone, you may still be able to fly however you will need to purchase an additional seat. This seat will either have to remain unoccupied or can be occupied by an individual as long as the combined total as listed above is not exceeded.

Shared Helicopter Flights – 6 years to 13 years (accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket). There is no maximum age limit.

Private Helicopter Flights - 2 years (accompanied). There is no maximum age limit.

Flying Lessons – 12 years. There is no maximum age limit.

Clay Pigeon Shooting – 14 years (depending on location). There is no maximum age limit.

Falconry – 6 years (accompanied) and there is no maximum age limit. Coton on the Elms location has a strict minimum age of 16.

In the first instance please contact us via online enquiry form ( to provide further information so that an informed decision may be made.

Please note, all passengers are required to exit the aircraft themselves in the event of an emergency.

We are happy to fly pregnant passengers however we cannot give medical advice, please consult your doctor if you have any concerns at all before taking your flight.

Flexible cancellation is an optional extra that will allow you to cancel and reschedule your booking once, right up to your check-in time on the day of your experience. A change may be made via the online booking portal BEFORE your event.

Our vouchers are non refundable and no changes are permitted to a confirmed booking within 7 days of the experience, with the exception of change of participant names unless flexible cancellation has been obtained.

Flexible cancellation can be enacted in the event of an unforeseen occurrence such as unexpected illness, unexpected delay in reaching venue, unexpected vehicle breakdown, unexpected injury, unexpected bereavement, unexpected change of circumstances and a variety of further unexpected scenarios.

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