All vouchers are online booking only. You will need to register with us first.

1) Your voucher should provide you with a specific weblink to type in to your browser to get started e.g. www.adventure001.com/abc

If you don't have this information:

2) Go to www.adventure001.com and click on BOOK MY VOUCHER then select your voucher brand, you must enter the voucher details exactly as they appear including any symbols.

If this doesn't work:

3) Please email a clear image of your voucher details to book@adventure001.com and ask us to help, we will quickly add your voucher then reply to say it's ready for you to book a date online.

If you are unable to find a date for your experience, you can add yourself to the priority list and we will email you as soon as dates go live.

We are happy to fly pregnant passengers however we cannot give medical advice, please consult your doctor if you have any concerns at all before taking your flight.

Don't worry - we add new dates every 7 - 14 days

Please tick the box to be added to the Waiting List and you will receive a priority email when slots have been added for you. As soon as slots become available they are loaded directly to the booking system.

Alternatively you can check back in 7 - 14 days but we highly recommend using the waiting list as that way we know where to add more dates

Here is a screenshot of what you will see when trying to book a location that has filled up:

As the weather is ever changing, the pilot will not make a decision until 6pm the evening before your flight. Please do follow the weather check process on your boarding pass. You can also find the most up to date information on our departure board at www.adventure001.com/DepartureBoard

It is important to note that things can change at the last minute and whilst we try our best to predict the weather, reports are not always accurate.

We will contact you via email should we need to postpone your experience.

Changes to a confirmed booking can only be made via the online booking portal and require a minimum of seven days' notice before the flight date, except where 'flexible cancellation' has been activated.

You can only change your date by logging into www.adventure001.com/book under your Account Dashboard.

Please ensure you are using the email address you booked with originally, if you do not remember your password, please click on the "forgotten password" link and you will be able to reset this and create a new password instantly.

Click the Yellow Button to Change a Date

Click the Red Button to be removed from a Date for now

To rebook after a postponement please click on www.adventure001.com/book where you can login with your email address and password.

You will find your voucher under 'Manage My Vouchers' where you can select the Rebook option.

Please note we are continuously adding new availability, so please don't feel disheartened if you cannot find a suitable date. You will have the option to add yourself to our priority waiting list and we will notify you as soon as dates are added to the booking system.

As soon as dates become available they are released on to the booking portal, we don't hold anything back so re booking online is the most efficient way. Unfortunately, we are unable to take telephone bookings.

Please make sure you have added your voucher to our system first otherwise we will not be able to extend this for you.

You can only then make an extension request using the online form below. Please ensure you provide the correct details so that we can do this for you in a timely manner.

Before sending your request, you must refer back to the terms of your voucher - most are non-refundable.

Please contact the company you purchased the voucher from.

If you purchased your voucher directly from Adventure 001, we can only offer a refund if your flight has been postponed a minimum of three times. In which case please submit your request using the form below.

Flying activities have maximum legal weights.

You must enter passenger/participant weights when you book your voucher. All passengers will be weighed before boarding flights.

Flying Lessons (2 Seater Aircraft) - max 15 stone (95kg)
Flying Lessons (4 Seater Aircraft) - max 18 stone (114kg)
Pleasure Flights (Helicopter) - max 18 stone (114kg)

If you exceed the maximum weight please email contact@adventure001.co.uk with your exact weight(s)

For SHARED Helicopter flights the youngest is 6 years (accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket) there is no maximum age limit

For PRIVATE Helicopter flights the youngest is 2 years (accompanied) there is no maximum age limit

For Flying Lessons the youngest is 12 years and there is no maximum age limit

For Clay Shooting the youngest is 14 years (depending on which location) and there is no maximum age limit

For Falconry the youngest is 6 years (accompanied) and there is no upper limit

Please click on www.adventurehelicopters.co.uk for and instant charter price quotation.

We show all options on our booking site, therefore any payments you are seeing are for optional upgrades. It could be that there are not currently dates available for the experience you have purchased however, our Ops Team add dates every 7-10 days so you also have the opportunity to subscribe to the priority waiting list and you will receive an email as soon as dates go live.