Glider Flying
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Glider Introductory Flying Lesson

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The Experience

  • Approx 30 mins with 9 mins flying
  • 1 UK Venue

Majestic, silent, awesome - are all words to describe the beauty and fun experienced with a glider flight.
Following a thorough briefing with your instructor you climb aboard and strap in.
Your glider will be hooked up to a tug aircraft or attached to a winch - ready for launch!
Your instructor will pull the release handle and you are then gliding for real. Your instructor will demonstrate the controls before you take control and search around the skies for thermals to keep you up longer.
Floating through the skies in virtual silence, gliding is the ultimate in relaxed flying. Soon it will be time to join back at the airfield by floating down for a landing.
Due to the nature of gliding, as thermals are required to keep the glider aloft, a typical 2000ft aerotow lesson will last between 10 to 30 minutes airborne.

The Package

• An open dated gift voucher valid for a 9 month period
• 10-30 minute Flight Time
• Briefings
• Public Liability Insurance
• Tea/Coffee at most locations
• Signed Flight Certificate on Completion at most locations
• Counts Towards a Pilot's License
• Valid at ANY UK Location listed below
• Spectators are welcome and may take photographs


  • Minimum Age 14
  • Maximum Weight 102 Kg
  • Maximum Height 1.98 m

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  • Oxfordshire: Shenington Airfield - Glider Introductory Flying Lesson (6 - 12 Minutes)
  • Oxfordshire: Shenington Airfield - Glider Introductory Flying Lesson (6 - 12 Minutes)


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